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The ACTIVE project- funded by REC Programme– aims at establishing safer environments for children by developing an online self-assessment tool, allowing sports and leisure clubs to identify and address gaps in terms of implementation of Child Protection Polices in their premises.

Within this context, it has developed 4 national reports and 1 comparative analysis report, identifying the existing situation and gaps in terms of implementation of Child Protection Policies by sports organizations in Greece, Italy, Portugal and Cyprus. Totally, 244 people participated in the research stage, including 42 stakeholders,85 children, 65 families and 52 professionals.

Sports play a decisive role in children’s development, promoting important values – such as teamwork, respect and commitment- social inclusion and a healthier lifestyle. In a period where solidarity, non-discrimination and tolerance are in the epicenter of interest, sports can be used as a vehicle not only to send positive messages across society but also to safeguard human rights.

However, violence in sports still remains an alarming phenomenon, which affects the effective use of sports. Limited implementation of policy measures tackling the issue intensifies the need for embedding of child safeguarding policies by sports clubs, extra-curricular activities organisations as well as leisure and recreational clubs working with children.
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