On the 13th, 19th, and 22nd of October, CESIE successfully conducted the capacity-building workshop for sports professionals working with children.

During the meetings, the participants had the opportunity to hear the testimonies of children’s rights experts, who offered a complete overview of child safeguarding policies in the field of sports. Participants learned to recognize the different forms of abuse that occur against children, focusing on the risk signals and potential threats occurring in the field of sport.

Thanks to group activities and the analysis of case studies, sports professionals learned new tools and techniques to actively prevent and counteract violence and discrimination and can now implement these procedures within their organisation.

If you missed the training but still want to enhance your competencies regarding child protection in sports, take the free online course available on the ACTIVE platform and test the Self-assessment tool on Child Protection Policies in sports to evaluate if your sports club organization is doing everything possible to keep children safe.